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Search UK Jobs XML UK Job Feed for Partners

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List of Job Feeds of Search UK Jobs and its own network sites. We segment the job feeds. Hence, if your website focuses only UK users we recommend to use only our UK Job Feed.

UK XML Job Feed:

Search UK Jobs – XML Job Feed: https://SearchUKJobs.com/xml-feed.php

Expertini – UK XML Job Feed: https://Expertini.com/uk/jobs/xml-feed.php

For Other Countries XML Job Feeds:

Visit Expertini International: https://Expertini.com/feeds

What is XML Feed of Search UK Jobs?

– XML Job Feed are the content of jobs in XML format from Search UK Jobs that can be indexed on the website directly by mapping the fields in the database.

Finding XML Job Feeds for the UK?

– Search UK Jobs offers a great platform for its partner websites to index its XML Job Feeds for the UK on their website and provide enhance career opportunity to their users. Whereby its partner site who will index its jobs can gain more user interests to their website.


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