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Usually, the CEO of a business will be the person who created the company and built it from the ground up. However, over time, CEOs move on and someone needs to take their place. Making the decision on who is best for the role can be tricky, especially when there might be plenty of great candidates waiting to fill the role.

A good CEO is someone who is educated and has a strong skillset. Not everyone is capable of acting as the CEO of a business. Read on to find out what some of the qualities of a good CEO are.

Strong Education Background

A good CEO is someone who knows what they are doing. Not only should they have plenty of experience in leading others within a business setting but they should also understand how a business works. For this reason, we would suggest that a CEO should have a business degree or similar in order to excel at their job. Business degrees are extremely popular and are readily available. For instance, Greenwich University has a number of business courses delivered through their Business School which has propelled many students into the world of business, as have many other top universities. If a CEO has a strong education background at a university like this, they will have the basic knowledge needed for the role.


If a CEO doesn’t have courage, they aren’t going to be great at their job. A CEO needs to be able to make important decisions, regardless of how they might affect the staff or the customers. These decisions can be difficult to make and require a lot of courage from those making them. So, if a potential candidate has proven themselves to be courageous, you’ll find that they might just succeed in this role. However, it is important to note that a CEO who constantly takes risks without considering the potential outcomes is not someone who should be given such a responsibility.


Being a good CEO isn’t just about knowing what you are doing and being ready to take risks, you also need to be passionate about the role. If someone doesn’t care about the business or the industry as a whole, they probably won’t make decisions based on what they really believe in. Passion is something that is hard to fake but incredibly obvious when you see someone who has it. If someone has spent years studying at university and then working in a specific industry, they probably are quite passionate.

A Great Listener

Some CEOs are behind all of the big decisions in a business but these same CEOs often aren’t on the frontline dealing with customers, products and marketing. CEOs need to know what is going on with their business and understand exactly how their employees feel. If they are making decisions without taking on any feedback, they won’t be doing their job in the best possible way. If a potential candidate is a great listener and willingly takes on feedback, they should be considered for the role.

Not everyone is born a leader and for many, learning how to lead others can be difficult. If you aren’t used to telling others what to do and letting them know when you are not happy with their performance, you might not be ready to lead an entire team of people. A good CEO must be someone who is a strong leader and that has experience in doing so. There is a big difference between leading a team of four people and running an entire business but a CEO has to start somewhere. Strong leadership skills can be taught but it takes time and plenty of experience to get it right.


Finally, a good CEO needs to be someone who is creative and can think on their feet. A CEO doesn’t need to come up with all of the ideas within the business as there are usually teams employed to do that but a bit of creativity can certainly help. It can be easy for a business to find themselves in a sticky situation and often, creativity can benefit everyone involved. If a CEO can be creative when they need to be, they will probably succeed in their role.

Not everyone is born to be a CEO and for many, the idea of being in charge of a whole business can be very overwhelming. A CEO needs to be ready to take on the role and they must be willing to take some calculated risks along the way. If you are recruiting for a CEO role, the decision needs to be taken very seriously, otherwise, the business could be put at risk. All candidates should be properly assessed and vetted before they are offered this kind of role.


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